Q&A – Wedding Style!

Q&A – Wedding Style!

Hi friends! As you all know, weddings are my passion. I run my own hand-lettering business, Details and Swirls, where I work directly in the wedding industry! My business stemmed from my passion of planning the details during our own wedding. Joey and I got married in September of 2018, and it was the most incredible day. You can read all about our wedding day here!

I am often asked specific questions about our wedding, so I opened up a Q&A on my instagram @detailsandswirls, to gather all of your questions! Some are specific to Newport weddings, while others are general, so I hope these help with whatever step you are at in your planning!

Q: Did you plan it or hire a planner to help? Or both?

A: We hired a planner! I really wanted to be involved in the planning, design, and every single detail of the wedding, so we did a month-of planning package with Ariana of AMC weddings! If you are nervous about hiring a planner because you do not want to lose creative control of your day, I can completely relate! I had this same fear, but let me tell you that is the complete opposite of Ari’s planning style. We worked together to bring my vision to life and she took care of all of the behind the scenes things that I didn’t need to deal with! And not to mention she was there the entire wedding day making sure everything ran smoothly. There are so many tiny tiny details, check-ins, and tasks that need to be taken care of before the wedding, and I definitely would have been very stressed before the day trying to get everything done if it wasn’t for her! If you are on the fence about a planner, HIRE ONE! It was the best decision we made!

Q: Did you pay for a MUA for your bridesmaids?

A: I did! At first I decided I was going to pay for either hair or makeup, but as planning went on, and I realized how much time and expenses my friends put in to make my time as a bride so special, I made the decision to cover both for them. I know everyone’s situation is so different, I do not think there is a standard answer for this!

Q: Did you have a theme in mind?

Yes, romantic! I wanted our day to encompass our love for each other in all of the details. I wanted it to feel personal, warm, romantic, and magical! Within this theme I found that vintage accents, neutral tones, and hints of blush and greenery best fit our vision!

Q: Where was your rehearsal dinner?

A: We had our rehearsal dinner at The Landing in Newport! They have a room upstairs with floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors! There is a small private deck area and all windows overlook the wharf. The view of the sunset is beautiful, and you can have all the doors and windows open for a true indoor-outdoor vibe! We found it was the perfect spot to host our family and friends before our wedding.

Q: Vendors?

I have a full list of vendors here! I have nothing but absolutely wonderful things to say about each and every one of our vendors!

Q: Suggested list of decor? We’re doing backyard & want to make sure we have enough!

A: I have a list of all wedding details in my Master Guide to Wedding Details! There is actually a specific section called “outdoor extras”! In terms of general outdoor decor though, you can never go wrong with too many candles, lanterns, and signs of course!

Q: I would love a breakdown of your wedding makeup!

A: I will be posting an in-depth walkthrough to my IGTV very soon, along with a blog post here outlining all of the products I used!

Q: Did your guests celebrate the weekend or just the day?

A mix of both! We got married on a Sunday, so we had our rehearsal dinner and welcome drinks on Friday evening. I would say 30-50 of our guests were from out of town, so this was a nice time to connect with our friends and family who traveled in for us! On Saturday we had a “guys” and “girls” day. I went with my bridal party, mom, mother-in-law, and invited all other girls like aunts, and out of town family, to go get mani-pedis! We had a girls lunch, and then spent the afternoon opening up bridal party gifts. I did not want the gift opening to be rushed on wedding day, so I found this was perfect timing! The guys did a bar crawl around Newport, and the entire bridal party met up later Saturday evening for a big cookout!

Q: Where did you take your wedding photos?

A: We took our wedding photos at Castle Hill Inn (our venue)! If you are not familiar with Castle Hill, the grounds are stunning, and they have a mix of gardens (where we took our formals), as well as seaside cliffs (where we took our portraits). If you are looking for suggestions for places to take photos, Beavertail State Park is stunning and definitely gives off similar vibes to Castle Hill. Ochre Court is beautiful and elegant, very Newport! If you are looking for something a little more rustic, we actually took our engagement photos at a BEAUTIFUL spot in Narragansett! I am not sure if the field has a name, but it is off of Bridge Point Drive, I used to drive by it every day, and we knew we wanted to have our engagement pictures taken there! I will attach some photos so you all can see, it is a hidden gem!

Thanks for all of your questions! I hope you all found this helpful! If you have any further questions, I will be answering them in the comments on this post!