DIY 1950s Bathroom Floor Makeover

DIY 1950s Bathroom Floor Makeover

We bought our first home! There are so many nostalgic pieces about this home and this neighborhood. For starters my 93-year-old grandpa lives a few houses down in a house he built! Our yard backs up to my grandpa’s late brother’s house, and my two cousins live down the road! We are truly grateful to be surrounded by so many memories and family. Knowing that my grandpa and great uncle both built their houses in this neighborhood over 65 years ago, it was safe to assume that our 1957 cape was going to need some updating!

Since our upstairs bathroom is a COMPLETE gut job and renovation (I’m talking floor to ceiling yellow tile), we did not want to put too much money in our downstairs bathroom. The once blue wall tile was re-glazed white by the previous owners, but the original 50s tiled floor needed a change. I decided instead of living with the dated floor tile, I would try PAINTING the tile! I could not be happier with the outcome, and I am sharing the entire process below!

The process can easily be completed over the course of one weekend. It really only takes an hour or so, and waiting for the layers to dry was the longest part!

Original tile!

Step 1: Tape
First we started by taping off the perimeter of floor to ensure no paint got on the tub, wall, tile, or toilet!

Painter’s Tape: $6.29

Step 2: Sand
Next, we sanded the floor to lift any debris and create a smooth surface!

Hand Sander: $29

Step 3: Strip Tile
This was equally the most disgusting and satisfying step in the process! As you can imagine, original 1957 tile has A LOT of built up dirt and grime. The tile stripper lifted all of this to the surface, and man was it satisfying to mop it away! We applied the tile stripper (mixed with water) with a small scrubber brush (don’t forget to wear a mask, this stuff is STRONG)! Let stripper sit on tile for about 10 minutes and then rinse clean with water and dry! This step is crucial because primer bonds to clean tile the best!

Tile Stripper: $13 – We used Zep tile stripper from Lowe’s, I could not find it on Amazon, but if you go into your locale Lowe’s they can direct you to it!
Scrub Brush: $6

Step 4: Prime
Using a paint roller, cover entire floor with bonding primer, let dry 1-2 hours.

Bonding Primer: $15

Half primed, half painted!

Step 5: PAINT!
Once the primer has dried, it is time to paint! We decided to do 3 coats of paint to ensure the color was opaque and there were no colored tiles showing through. Let the paint dry thoroughly between coats, and I suggest letting the final coat set for atleast a full day and night! Unfortunately some of the workers in our house stepped on the tile before it was completely dried, and we had to do a touch up!

The paint we used is Benjamin Moore Floor and Patio paint in platinum grey! $24

Step 6: Seal
This step is optional, but I recommend it! Apply two coats, and again let dry thoroughly in between!

Triple Thick Polyurethane: $19

And the finished result?! Floors that look crisp and BRAND NEW!

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