Building a Winter Wardrobe

Building a Winter Wardrobe

Hello Friends! I do not understand where the months have gone, and how we are possibly headed into the winter months! I am a complete sucker for fall fashion, and basically wear the same rotation of colors (chestnut, creme, and deep chestnut) throughout the fall months. I’m not sure about you, but I always struggle in the winter to put together “cute” outfits because I feel like I’m limited in my color palette of clothes, and who can be cute when you’re bundled and freezing? I’ve found over the years that if I focus on neutral basics and cute outerwear and shoes, it is much easier for me to put together winter outfits! I still stick to a very neutral clothing palette in the winter months (creme, gray, blush, & the occasional black), but I find when everything in my closet is in the same color scheme, it is much easier for me to grab pieces and go! I put together three different categories of neutral clothing items that I either already have, or just discovered!


White Teddy Bear Jacket – I’ve wanted a teddy bear jacket for so long to add to my wardrobe, and the color and length on this one is perfect! Also comes in 3 other colors!
Dusty Rose Scarf – Scarves are a great addition to pull in color to create a cohesive look!
White Pom Beanie – I am OBSESSED with double pom beanies, this one is on my wish list!
Gray Carhartt Beanie – These beanies are all the rage right now, and they come in a bunch of different colors!
Ruffle Beige Denim Jacket – This jacket is screaming my name, I love the color and the ruffles, it would be perfect to pair with jeans!
Beige Faux Fur Jacket – I love this jacket for a more formal look! It looks very expensive but it under $100!
Top Rated Amazon Down Jacket – This jacket has been on Oprah’s top rated list for years, and is Amazon’s number one best selling down jacket!
Dusty Rose Beanie – Just ordered this beanie because the color is going to be perfect to add in a hint of dusty rose to my winter wardrobe!


Target Leggings Sweater – I’ve essentially lived in this sweater all fall, and I plan to keep wearing it with leggings throughout the winter months!
Dusty Rose Sweater Dress – I just ordered this sweater and it also comes in a ton of different colors!
& Other Stories Mock Neck Sweater – Hands down my favorite classic sweater! The fit is perfect, the quality is incredible, and it comes in many colors! I have the gray color and the material has held up amazing!
Target Ruffle Sweater – Just ordered this statement piece! I think is perfect to have 3 types of sweaters: a leggings sweater, a classic sweater, and a statement sweater!
Free People Layering Top – I own 3 of the discontinued style of these tops, and I’ve had them for 4 years now and find myself wearing them over and over in the wintertime!


White Jeans – I think white jeans are adorable in the winter with cream, grey, or colored sweaters!
Off White Jeans – Just ordered this pair of jeans for a warmer toned white and I cannot wait to try them!
Beige Chelsea Boots – I saw these boots and instantly fell in love! I bit edgier than my normal style, but I feel like I would live in these! Definitely on the wish list!
Top Rated OTK Boots – My favorite OTK boots! I wore the brown ones almost every day in the fall, so I took to jump and got the gray color for winter!

Weekend Basement Renovation

Weekend Basement Renovation

Hello Friends! It has been a while since I’ve done an at home DIY project, and I am so excited to share with you all our basement renovation! When I took my business Details and Swirls full time back in May, our basement quickly became our workshop for packing orders. Each week and month we added more and more to our packing station, and before we knew it we were spending about 15 hours a week in our dark, dingy, old basement working! With the upcoming Christmas season, I wanted to create a clean, organized, and enjoyable workshop space we wouldn’t dread working in! Since we do not have a lot of free time, I knew this project had to be done over the course of one weekend. We split the project up into three main steps: CLEAN, Paint Walls, Paint Floor. I am so happy with how everything turned out!

Step One: Clean

Our basement was a disaster. It is the storage unit for all of my Details and Swirls rental pieces, our workshop, and our place to store all of our household junk (for lack of a better term). The first step was to fully clean and organize the space. This meant throwing away LOTS of uneeded junk, organizing my business products, and throughly cleaning the area. I’m talking vacuuming each and every corner of the space (including the ceiling). We bought a Bagster from Lowe’s, which is basically a mini dumpster you can pop up on your driveway (best decision ever)! After we fully cleared and cleaned the basement it already looked and felt so much better!

Step Two: Paint Walls

Next we decided to paint all of the walls and shelves! Since this is a quick fix project we were not too concern with primer, etc. We painted 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Winds Breath and it brightened up the space SO much! Instantly the basement went from scary and dark to fresh and clean. Now our walls are very old and weathered, so we couldn’t even paint to the bottom of the wall without having wall debris flaking. We did not have time to sand down the walls, but it is probably a smart idea to sand the walls down to obtain a smoother finish!

Step Three: Paint Floor

Now if there is one thing we did that COMPLETELY transformed this space, it was painting the floors. We used this exact epoxy linked here and I cannot say enough amazing things about it! We fully mopped the floor down, and then painted two coats of the epoxy on the floors. The outcome was completely incredible, and it truly made all of the difference in the world! I decorated the space with some of my Details and Swirls pieces, baskets, and a rug, and I cannot believe it is the same basement!

Links for Decor:


Room Divider

Set of Baskets

Mantel Styling Tips

Mantel Styling Tips

Hi loves! Today I am sharing some of my favorite styling tips for your mantel! I just recently decorated my mantel for fall, and I figured it would be the perfect time to share some of my tips.

Focal Piece

Whether I am decorating for a season, or just decorating in general, I always like to have a focal piece on my mantel. During non-seasonal months I have a mirror as my focal point, but during seasonal months I have a large sign (of course!). Your focal point can either be one larger piece, or a set of pieces! I personally love the look of layered focal pieces whether it is mix-matched mirrors, photo frames, or more!


On either side of your focal piece, you will want to have two bookends. I personally like when my bookends match, but again they do not have to! If you are mix-matching your bookends, try to keep them around the same height and depth. I also like to add some filler decor between my bookends and focal piece. These can be smaller pieces of decor, or even a garland like I have in my fall mantel!

Sets of Three

Lastly, I like to stick to the set of three rule. This means that if I am grouping pieces of decor together, I generally like to have three pieces in a group. For instance if I decided to do a set of pieces for my focal point, I would likely group them in a set of three with varying heights.

Let me know if these tips help and if you use any of the tips to re-design your mantel!

Fall Hair Accessories!

Fall Hair Accessories!

Free People Hair Scarves – I have a bunch of these from past seasons and they are gorgeous! I am loving this new fall pattern!

Target Headband – Just ordered this one! I am so excited for it to come in, I think it will be perfect for fall outfits!

Satin Textured with Twist Headband - A New Day™ - image 1 of 2

Target Bow Scrunchies – Also just ordered these!

Anthropologie Pearl Headband – These aren’t available until the end of September, but SO worth the wait! I love the white and blue one too!

Etsy Hair Scarves – So many cute colors!

Set of 5Chiffon Printed summer Hair TiesWomen Scarf Bandana Set of 5

Etsy Headbands – This is my FAVORITE etsy shop for headbands! I have about 3 or 4 from her and they are my favorite headbands I own!

Floral print side bow knotted headbandheadbands for image 0

Peel & Stick Wallpaper Tips!

Peel & Stick Wallpaper Tips!

Hello friends! We finally put up our peel and stick wallpaper yesterday and I am so in love with the finished result! The exact wallpaper I picked out can be found here, and my full round up of favorite wallpapers I was deciding between can be found here!

If I’m being honest, the process of putting the wallpaper up was a bit stressful and more difficult than I anticipated. The specific wallpaper I bought did not come with the best instructions, so we just took it upon ourselves to figure out the best approach! Our specific wallpaper is patterned and came in 4 separate vertical panels, so lining up the panels exactly to match the pattern on the wall presented a bit of a challenge! I will leave my top tips below that helped us during the process!

Tip #1 – Ensure the top of your wallpaper is level

This is the MOST important tip I have for installing your peel and stick wallpaper. We definitely ran into some issues because our panels were not perfectly level at the top of our wall. If the top of the panel is not level, as you continue to peel and stick the wallpaper down the wall it will ever so slightly veer diagonally. This will result in creasing, and will also make it more difficult to line up the pattern for the next panels.

Tip #2 – Squeegee

To prevent and erase any bubbles use a squeegee to really press the paper down as you peel it. It definitely helps to have two people working on each panel. As one person peels and sticks the paper down, the other person runs the squeegee over the paper to evenly press through any bubbles!

Tip #3 – Pattern Alignment

The hardest part for us when putting the wallpaper up was aligning the pattern for each panel. Similar to the squeegee, it is helpful if one person focuses on peeling and sticking the wallpaper and the other person focuses on aligning the pattern. Since our panels were not perfectly level (tip #1), it was nearly impossible to get the pattern to line up exactly. I intentionally creased some areas of the wallpaper if the pattern was not lining up as we continued peeling down the panel. While we were applying the wallpaper I thought it was not matching up great and there were quite a few creases, but to my surprise when I stepped back you could not see any imperfections!

Although applying the patterned wallpaper was a bit tricky, I highly recommend a busy pattern because it camouflages any imperfections, and the pattern really does blend together even if it is not lined up perfectly!

Mini New England Getaways!

Mini New England Getaways!

Hello friends! Joey and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary next month, can you even believe it?! I am not sure where the past two years have gone, but we want to plan a mini getaway to celebrate! Due to covid, we want to stay within New England, so I took to instagram to see if you all had any suggestions! We received so many wonderful suggestions, so I decided to round them all up!


Joey and I took a trip up to Portland in the winter and loved it! The food was incredible and we had so much fun strolling through the snowy streets. After taking a look at the Cliff House, we will definitely be planning another trip back up very soon!

Top Suggestions:
Cliff House – Many suggestions for this resort, looks stunning!
Bar Harbor – Such an adorable town!
Portland – We loved Portland, many breweries and amazing restaurants!

Portland, Maine

New Hampshire

Joey and I have traveled to quite a few places in New Hampshire in the fall and winter, and they are always gorgeous! Our top favorite is North Conway, followed by the Omni Mount Washington Resort.

Top Suggestions:
North Conway – One of our favorite New Hampshire spots! Great hikes, fall activities, and shopping!
Getaway House – We wanted to book this for our anniversary but it was all booked up! Looks so relaxing and peaceful!
Omni Mount Washington Resort – We’ve traveled here in the winter and have always wanted to go back in the fall! If you are going in the winter make sure you book a sleigh ride!
Mountain View Grand – I’ve had friends who have traveled here in the past and say it is incredible!

Rhode Island

I could write an entire blog post on spots here in Rhode Island, but I will keep it short! Check out Newport (of course), Jamestown, Narragansett, and Block Island!

Top Suggestions:
Block Island – Be sure to rent mopeds and drive around the Island!
Newport – Definitely stop by Castle Hill Inn or the OceanHouse for a drink, take a stroll down the cliff walk, and check out the nearby Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown!

Newport, Rhode Island


We have been dying to go to Stowe during fall! We went to Burlington last winter and it was so charming and romantic!

Top Suggestions:
Burlington – Church Street is absolutely adorable! We loved it!
Stowe (Green Mountain Inn, Stowe Mountain Lodge) – I cannot wait to visit Stowe, looks like the most gorgeous fall scenery!
Woodstock, VT (Woodstock Inn) – Many suggestions for the Woodstock Inn, so quaint and beautiful!

Burlington, Vermont


Although we are so close to Connecticut, we haven’t explored it too much! Looking forward to checking out some of the wineries here!

Top Suggestions:
Stonington & Mystic – Lots of cute coffee shops & stores!
Saltwater Farm Vineyard – Most suggested winery in CT
Gouveia Vineyards

New York

While we have never been to these spots in New York, they were highly suggested and I cannot wait to check them out!

Top Suggestions:
The Finger Lakes – Highly recommended for wineries!
Lake Placid
Lake George

Mask up, but make it cute!

Mask up, but make it cute!

Hello friends! Long time no chat! I have been away from the blog a bit working on all things Details and Swirls, but I am back and ready to share so many topics with you all! Unfortunately as we all know our world is looking quite different these days. Leaving the house without a face mask is as bad as leaving the house without our wallet. We need a face mask essentially everywhere we go, and I feel like this is going to become our new normal for the foreseeable future. I’m not sure about you all, but I am determined to find some “cute” face mask to wear! There is nothing worse than putting on a cute outfit, and then putting your face mask on and the whole outfit is ruined, anyone else feel the same way? Or is this just my OCD kicking in? Well in any case, I set out to find some cute face masks that will have me feeling put together and matching throughout this time! ***Please note, these are not medical grade face masks and we are not making any medical or health claims with our suggestions***

  1. Gold Lip Face Mask
  2. Face Mask Chain – How cute are these chains to adhere your face mask?! I love this idea because when you need to take your mask off you can just wear it around your neck by the chain!
  3. Chain Option 2
  4. Chain Option 3
  5. Pink Ruffle Face Mask – just ordered this one! Also comes in white and a beautiful dusty blue!
  6. Pink Heart Face Mask – If face masks are still a thing around Valentine’s Day, which I am sure they will be, I absolutely need this one!
  7. Pink/Teal Beaded Heart Face Mask – How precious are these with the beads?! Set of 2
  8. Old Navy Adjustable Face Masks – I am ordering a bunch of these to keep in my bag, car, gym bag, etc.! These are the perfect adjustable face masks and come in so many adorable prints! From tie dye to animal print and everything in between! Set of 5

Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine

Hi loves! Today I am finally breaking down my full AM and PM skincare routines! I am not a skincare fanatic, but I have tried quite a few products over the years and really narrowed down my favorites and exactly what works for me. If you are just starting off with skincare and on a tight budget, check out Trader Joe’s line of skincare products! I still use many of their items, but starting out I used their toners, serums, and more and really love their products (especially their rose line)! I personally have a normal-oily skin type and very, very sensitive skin. I am allergic to many skincare products (especially those with heavy fragrance). I’ve tried Tula, Drunk Elephant, and more, and they all had products that I either had a reaction to or broke out from. I discovered Paula’s Choice around three years ago, and I have loved every product I’ve tried from them! Without going into too much detail on the brand, all of their products and formulas are backed by scientific research. There are so many skincare brands that draw you in with pretty packaging and branding, and I was so excited when I found Paula’s Choice and started reading up on how every single one of their products is science-backed! This is in no way sponsored, I am just so happy with the brand and the positive effects it’s had on my sensitive skin, and I’m excited to share all of my favorites! 🙂


FASH WASH: Soap & Glory – Vitamin C Facial Wash – I use this face wash morning and night and it is perfect! It does not leave a film or residue on my skin, and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I love the Vitamin C component, and my skin always feels so smooth after using it!

TEA TREE: Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Cleansing Pads – These are hands down the BEST skincare product I use! I could not live without these tea tree wipes! Tea tree oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, and it calms redness while also preventing breakouts. I’ve been using these wipes for years, and they have definitely helped my skin in terms of breakouts. I use these directly after I wash my face, and you will be amazed at how much dirt is still left on the pad. I’ve gotten my friends and family hooked on these wipes as well, they are truly the best! I linked them through amazon, but I recommend purchasing them directly in your local store.

EXFOLIANT: Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant – This is another product I absolutely swear by! I have been using this liquid exfoliant for around 3 years now, and I’ve seen drastic differences in my skin. This product has definitely minimized my pores and improved the overall texture of my skin! I use this every single morning and night, and it keeps my skin smooth and bright! I cannot say enough good things about this product!

VITAMIN C: Paula’s Choice Vitamin C Super Booster – I recently started adding Vitamin C into my skincare routine and I have been loving this super booster! This product is a concentrated 15% pure Vitamin C, and it visibly brightens skin and improves fine lines and wrinkles! This product is one I use more as a preventative skincare product to take care of my skin now for the future.

MORNING MOISTURIZER: Paula’s Choice Super Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 – This morning moisturizer is incredible! It is really important for me to wear SPF every day, while also having a daily moisturizer that is not oily or greasy and can be worn under makeup. This product has a silk like texture and leaves the most beautiful soft finish on the skin. It actually has a slight tint to it as well!


FACE WASH: Soap & Glory – Vitamin C Facial Wash

TEA TREE: Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Cleansing Pads

EXFOLIANT: Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

RETINOL: Paula’s Choice 1% Retinol Treatment – I recently added in a retinol treatment to my evening skincare routine! Retinol is clinically proven to diminish and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and I have been loving this serum! I only use this product once a week (I will be building up to 2-3 times a week as my skin is ready). Skin can be very sensitive to retinol (redness, peeling, etc.), so it is important to slowly introduce retinol into your skincare routine overtime.

EVENING MOISTURIZER: Belif – The True Cream Moisturizing Balm – This moisturizer is AMAZING! I have been using this product for about 5 years now, and I still have yet to find anything I like better. The consistency is the perfect thickness, and it leaves my skin feeling so plump and fresh! They also make an aqua balm which is their water based version which I also love in the warmer months!

LIP MASK: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – I know this sounds dramatic, but I actually cannot go to sleep without using this product. If you have not tried this lip mask, RUN AND TRY IT! My lips literally have not been chapped since using it, and I do not need to use chap stick AT ALL throughout the day. It has made the biggest difference in the texture of my lips, and my husband and I both cannot go to bed without putting it on! My favorite flavors are the original, vanilla, and sweet candy!

Everyday No Foundation Summer Makeup

Everyday No Foundation Summer Makeup

Hi loves! Today I am sharing my everyday no foundation summer makeup! This is the makeup I have on 99.9% of the time in the summer and it is quick and easy! Most of these products are my go-to favorite makeup products, and it only takes 5 minutes! I linked everything below, but if you would like to see a walkthrough you can head over to my saved instagram highlight!

Primer: Tula Filter Blurring Primer
Concealer: Nars Soft Matte (Custard)
Cream Blush: Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out (Cool Berry)
Blush: Kiko Cosmetics Sicilian Notes Bake Blush (Panarea Mauve)
Bronzer: Tarte Breezy Cream Bronzer (Seychelles)
Powder: Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish (Fair)
Eyeshadow (blush): Laura Mercier Strawberry Blush
Eyeshadow (lid): Hourglass Scattered Light (Reflect)
Mascara: Lash Paradise
Lip Liner: ColourPop Lippie Pencil (Lumiere)
Lipstick: Mac Amplified Lipstick (Blankety)https://rstyle.me/+4HVv4-DSfJ1VWoIF2tIjiA

Neutral Farmhouse Peel & Stick Wallpaper!

Neutral Farmhouse Peel & Stick Wallpaper!

Hi loves! We are in the process of doing a cosmetic renovation to our bedroom and I could not be more excited. I am creating a cozy corner in our room with an egg chair, adorable pillows, fluffy rug, and an accent wall! I started my search for our accent wall first. I knew I wanted some type of muted patterned wallpaper and came across the new trend of peel and stick wallpaper! I have no idea which pattern I want to go with, but I wanted to share some of the patterns I am deciding between. I’ve discovered some amazing brands during this search, and I cannot wait to try them out! Even if you are in the market for a bolder pattern, there is no shortage of adorable prints and colors to bring your walls to life!

  1. Magnolia Home – I had NO idea Joanna Gaines had her own peel and stick wallpaper line, but are we surprised at how gorgeous it is?! This pattern may be a bit too bright for what I’m personally going for, but I feel like I need to find a space in my home to put it because it’s just too pretty!
  2. RoomMates – I am SO happy I discovered this brand! This specific pattern I think would look really cute in a bathroom, but they also have so many other adorable patterns like this blue tiled pattern, which if you know me you know I am just obsessed!
  3. Loomwell – Barlow – This brand is seriously out of a magazine! I fell in love with all of their patterns, especially their adorable floral nursery designs! Seriously saving them in my back pocket for nursery decor one day! My other two favorites from this brand for my bedroom space are the Oakley and Ivy.
  4. Etsy – WatercolourWorkshop – This is a top contender for our bedroom accent wall! I am in love with the muted colors and the herringbone pattern.
  5. Etsy – TimberleaMinimal – Another gorgeous tile-like pattern! It may be slightly busy for the large area we need, but I still think I am going to order a sample to test it out!
  6. Etsy – IPInteriors – I am seriously kicking myself for not discovering this before finishing my office! This is definitely too feminine for our bedroom, but I am in love with the floral pattern and gold tones, it would have been absolutely perfect for my office!
  7. Etsy – artlinkwallpaper – Similar to #2, I think this pattern would look great in a bathroom behind a mirror! I am loving this trend, and now I am seriously thinking of adding some wallpaper like this to our downstairs bath!
  8. Etsy – AccentuWall – In love with this pattern, and this company has many other beautiful prints!

I will be deciding on a wallpaper over the next few days, let me know which one is your favorite!