‘Tis The Season For Bows And Pearls

‘Tis The Season For Bows And Pearls

Merry Christmas and Happy (almost) New Year! The holiday season is one of my favorite times because I just love dressing up for all of the different parties and occasions! Today I am sharing my Christmas Eve outfit! I have already worn this sweater countless times this season, it is just precious! Definitely one of my favorite pieces this year, I just love it!

Dress $22 – This “skirt” is actually a dress I just threw my sweater over!

Sweater $35

Shoes $34

Ultimate First Timer’s Guide To Italy

Ultimate First Timer’s Guide To Italy

Hello friends! I am back today to round up mine and Joey’s recent trip to Italy! I am grateful to have traveled to Italy three times with my family, so planning this trip for Joey’s first Italian experience was so fun for me! I knew I wanted the basis of our trip to be around Florence, because I feel like Florence is just quintessential Italy. I booked flights and an Airbnb in Florence for 8 days, and then dived into plans! This trip was the perfect mix of exploring and enjoying the Italian culture, and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Day 1: Arrive in Florence

We arrived in Florence early on in the morning. We dropped our things off at the Airbnb and hit the streets! We decided to stay at an Airbnb right next to the Duomo so we would be central to everything! We spent the day shopping, exploring, and ate dinner at ZaZa (one of our favorites)! We walked all over town stopping at the Ponte Vecchio, Duomo, and toured the Basilica Santissima Annuziata!

Ponte Vecchio – Skirt

Day 2: Explore Florence!

Refreshed after traveling, we spent the whole day exploring Florence! In the morning we walked to the top of Piazzale Michelangelo, grabbed paninis at the famous All’Antico Vinaio, shopped, and grabbed evening coffee at Rivoire while listening to music in our favorite Piazza della Signoria.

Day 3: Venice

Our first full travel day! We hopped on the 8am train straight to Venice! We booked these tickets last minute, and the train ride was only two hours! Instead of taking a water taxi from the train station, we decided to take the 50 minute walk to St.Mark’s Square, and it was worth it! On our way to the square we stopped by the Rialto Bridge and had the most romantic gondola ride! We spent the day wandering around the streets of Venice with no agenda, and it was beautiful. We ate, shopped, and just spent time enjoying the culture! We hopped on the 6:30 train back to Florence. Since I knew we were only going to be in Venice for a day, I did not want to pack our agenda with too many stops, so it was nice to have the time to wander and enjoy the city!

Day 4: Cinque Terre

Back on the road for another day of travel! This morning we woke up even earlier and caught the 6:30am train out of Florence to La Spezia! La Spezia is the train station right outside Cinque Terre. The train took about 2.5 hours, and once arriving in Le Spezia, we hopped on the Cinque Terre train which dropped us at the first town Monterosso al Mare! We spent the day traveling between all five towns. There is a train that runs between all 5 towns, and it is super easy to navigate! We spent the night at the sweetest Airbnb in Corniglia (town number 3). While the quieter of the five towns, we found this was the most perfect place to stay for it’s authenticity and beauty! We ate dinner at Cecio Ristorante Camere (it was right below our room!) and enjoyed their pasta and homemade wine!

Skirt // Sweater

Day 5: Cinque Terre & Pisa

We spent the morning enjoying the town of Corniglia and traveled back to Florence in the afternoon. While in Corniglia we grabbed breakfast, explored the town’s culture and church, and even got pesto lasagna!! On the train ride back to Florence we made a pit stop in Pisa! We only stayed in Pisa for an hour an a half, but it was the perfect amount of time to hop off the train, walk 20 minutes to the tower, and then catch the next train home!

After returning back to Florence, we discovered the most AMAZING wine bar Enoteca Alessi! Joey was like a little kid in a candy shop with all of the incredible wines and amazing charcuterie boards! We had a relaxing and delicious dinner at Ristorante La Grotta Guelfa, the best homemade pasta we ate!

Day 6: Tuscany Wine Tour & San Gimignano

This is the day Joey and I had been looking forward to the entire trip and it did not disappoint! We booked this tour which took us to two incredible wineries and the charming town of San Gimignano! The wineries were SO fun and beautiful, and San Gimignano has become one of my most favorite Italian towns. It is a medeival town and had SO many gorgeous pottery shops! The town itself is situated up on a mountain, so we were just in awe wandering around the town because around every corner was an incredible view!

After returning to Florence we ate at a steakhouse we had been eyeing – Trattoria dall’Oste Chianineria (can you say truffle steak?!) and grabbed drinks at the Rinascente Rooftop! This rooftop is a hidden gem, but go into the Rinascente department store and head up to the top floor! The rooftop has an incredible view of the Duomo and Piazza Della Repubblica!

Day 7: Florence

Our final day in Florence! We spent the morning bargaining in the leather market and eating our way through the San Lorenzo Market. This market is INCREDIBLE! There are two stories and tables and tables of cheese, meats, produce, and absolutely everything imaginable! We grabbed pizza at the famous Gusta Pizza and planned to spend the rest of the day walking around town, but the weather did not cooperate, so we headed back to Enoteca Alessi for more wine and charcuterie boards! For our last dinner we ate at La Buchetta Food & Wine Restaurant, and it was without a doubt the BEST meal we had while we were there. The food and pasta were absolutely incredible!!

We spent the evening enjoying limoncello spritz on the Rinascente Rooftop, and flew back home the following morning! Already missing Italy and planning the next European adventure!

Gift Guide for the Guy!

Gift Guide for the Guy!

The gift guide for all of the men in your life! Whether you are shopping for your dad, brother, husband, boyfriend, or any other guy, these gifts are perfect! Many of these I have purchased as gifts for my husband Joey in the past, and he still loves them to this day. They are fool proof!

1) Cologne Sampler – $65 (This was one of Joey’s favorite gifts one year! It comes with a card to redeem a full sized cologne after you test the samples!)

2) Long Sleeve Henley Bylt Shirts – $50 (They have sales often, and I cannot express enough how amazing these shirts are! Such a unique material and so soft)

3) Weekender Bag – $37

4) Lululemon Pace Breaker Shorts – $68 (Joey’s favorite shorts, sometimes you can find them on sale under their “we made too much” section!)

5) Wine Aroma Starter Kit – $40 (I got this for Joey last year and he loved it! Perfect for the guy in your life who loves wine. We had fun with our friends trying to guess the aromas!)

6) Packable Down Jacket – $60

7) Zella Joggers – $60

8) L.L. Bean Fleece Pullover – $80 (Joey has the dark grey and I steal it all the time!)

9) Card and Money Clip Wallet – $17 (Joey’s favorite, perfect stocking stuffer!)

10) Slippers – $80

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Gift Guide for the Mom!

Gift Guide for the Mom!

In my opinion moms are THE most difficult to shop for because they deserve everything in the world! I rounded up some of my favorite pieces I know every mom would love. Whether you are shopping for your own mom, mother-in-law, grandma, aunt, or any mom, these will be a hit!

1) Essential Oil Diffuser – $30 (Great alternative to the traditional diffuser, so pretty!)

2) Mom’s/Grandma’s Kitchen Lazy Susan – $78 (Details and Swirls Original)

3) Williams Sonoma Winter Berry Lotion & Soap Set – $30 (I’ve purchased this set countless times as a gift and this is by far my favorite scent!)

4) Faux Fur Throw Blanket – $150 (keep a lookout, these go on sale often!)

5) Tile Monogram Cheese Board – $38

6) Black Cozy Cape Scarf – $50 (My mom and I both love pieces like this!)

7) Blessed Tray – $20

8) Aerie Chenille Belted Cardigan – $60 (They are always having sales!)

9) Grey Leopard Scarf – $48

10) Picture Frame – $40+ (I do not think there is a better gift to give than a family photo in a beautiful frame! Whether it is from a special event like a wedding, or just a candid picture, photo gifts are always my favorite to give!)

11) House Picture Frame – $20 (Another take on a picture gift idea!)

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Gift Guide for the Dog Lover!

Gift Guide for the Dog Lover!

Who else out there is a dog mom?! I rounded up the sweetest gifts for all of the dog lovers in your life. My dad got our entire family the dog socks last year and it was hysterical! I love all of these little gifts so much and I know you all will too!

1) Dog Bone Ornament – $14 (Details and Swirls Original)

2) Socks with Dog Face – $14 (We absolutely loved these last year!)

3) Pet Portrait Bracelet – $28

4) Matching Dog Family Pajamas – $17+ (Just ordered these for our little family!)

5) Doodle Mama Shirt – $18

6) Dog Paw Print Necklace – $30+

7) Pet Portrait Phone Case – $35

8) Dog Mom Sweatshirt – $25+

9) Camo Dog Mom Hat – $15

10) Hold My Drink I Gotta Pet This Dog Hat – $21

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Gift Guide for the Newlyweds!

Gift Guide for the Newlyweds!

I love giving all types of gifts, but newlywed gifts are my THING! If you know me, you know I love making and giving all of the personalized gifts, so I rounded up some of my favorites that are perfect for all of the newlyweds in your life!

Not shopping for a newlywed? These would also make the perfect gifts for parents or in-laws!

P.S. Some of these are from my very own Etsy shop Details and Swirls!

1) Last Name Lazy Susan – $78+ (Details and Swirls Original)

2) Personalized Engraved Serving Board – $42+ (I’ve purchased these for many wedding gifts and they are always a hit!)

3) Personalized Lantern – $55+

4) Monogrammed Stemless Wine Glasses (Four) – $40

5) Personalized Wine Chiller – $40

6) Just Married Ornament – $14 (Details and Swirls Original)

7) Personalized Farmhouse Wall Calendar – $45 (Seriously in love with this piece!)

8) One Week of HelloFresh for 2 – $60 (Joey and I just started HelloFresh and we are officially obsessed!!!)

9) Personalized Blanket – $51+

10) Personalized Wooden Sign – $72 (Details and Swirls Original)

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Gift Guide for the Cozy Girl!

Gift Guide for the Cozy Girl!

It is that time of year again! I rounded up my absolutely favorite things I think would make a perfect gift for the cozy girl in your life! Pair any of these gifts with a Christmas candle and you are golden!

1) Double Pom-Pom Hat – $15 (I wear this almost everyday in the winter!)

2) H&M Christmas Patterned Jersey Pajamas – $25

3) Abercrombie Sherpa Fleece – $78 (they go on sale often!)

4) Abercrombie Knit Beanie – $34 (they go on sale often!)

5) Target Pajama Set – $30

6) Amazon Heated Blanket – $48

7) Amazon Fuzzy Slippers – $17

8) Amazon Christmas Fuzzy Socks – $15

9) Aerie High Waisted Leggings – $40 (they go on sale often, I have EVERY color they literally feel like butter!)

10) Aerie Oversized Sweatshirt – $49.95

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Fireplace Makeover – Mortar Wash

Fireplace Makeover – Mortar Wash

I am back with another DIY home makeover! Since the second I saw this fireplace in our house, I knew I wanted to turn it into a beautiful focal point! While I love the traditional brick, the dark colors do not mix well with our neutral hues throughout our home. I had seen photos of beautiful white washed brick, and wondered if this was something I could achieve. I took to the internet and realized this white washed brick style is actually called German Smear, and can be achieved with a mortar wash technique! This has been my favorite project to date, and I am so excited to share it with you all, let’s get started!

Before I started, I researched a BUNCH of photos of German Smear fireplaces (I suggest you do the same!). While the overall technique is the same for all, there are certain qualities that make each style different.

Now you can see from the photos above, when you google German Smear fireplace, all of the photos look similar but there are unique differences that can make a big difference in the way you apply this technique! I wanted to go for a look similar to the third photo (an overall wash of white).

Now that you have a design goal in mind – let’s make sure we have all of the supplies! I picked all of my supplies up from Amazon and my local Home Depot/Lowe’s.

White Mortar Mix
Painter’s Tape
Gloves (make sure you wear gloves! I forgot to and absolutely destroyed my hands!)
Mixing Bucket
Grouting Sponges (I suggest 3)
Paint Stir Stick
Foam Brush

Step 1 – Clean surface

Vacuum your fireplace thoroughly and clean all debris

Step 2 – Tape fireplace

Apply your painter’s tape to the fire place, mantel, and floor

Step 3 – Mix Mortar

Using your mixing bucket, mix water and mortar together. Follow the instructions on the mortar package for mixing. MAJOR TIP! Do not pour a ton of water into your bucket before mixing! Depending on your fireplace size, you most likely will not need the entire bag of mortar. We made the mistake of pouring too much water into the mix to start, and we had to use almost the entire bag of mortar to get the right consistency. This added about 40 minutes to our process and it was not necessary! The mixture should take about 5 minutes to stir once you have the right mix of water and mortar powder, and the finished mixture should be like thick soft serve ice cream!

Step 4 – Fill in grout (work in sections)

Now the magic begins! The most important step in achieving this look is to ensure all of the grout lines are fully filled with mortar. The easiest way to do this is to use a foam paint brush to fill in all of the grout lines.

Step 5 – Spread mortar

While working in sections, I used a damp grouting sponge to start spreading the mortar from the grout lines all over the bricks. I used a mix of circular motions and dabbing motions to attain the textured look I wanted. During this process the fireplace DEFINITELY did not look like I was envisioning. You have to be patient and once we get to step 6, things will start coming together!

NOTE: some of the grout mortar will wipe away during this step, repeat steps 4 & 5 until grout lines are fully white with mortar!

Step 6 – Detail!

This is where your original design vision comes into play, think back to your inspiration image when going through this step! If you want more of an overall white wash (like I did), go ahead and add some more mortar to certain areas you want to be whiter. I used a dry grout sponge for this step because I did not want the damp sponge to remove any of the mortar I already applied.

Once I finished applying more mortar, I realized I actually wanted more of the original brick showing through. I grabbed a freshly dampened grout sponge, and starting running it over the middle of some of the bricks to expose some color.

I kept repeating this process of using a dry sponge to add more mortar, and a damp sponge to take mortar away, until I was happy with the outcome! Be patient with this step and refer back to your inspiration photo as much as you want to compare!

As you are working through this step just remember, the mortar will dry to a brighter white, so if you are discouraged it is not as bright as you envisioned, wait 12 hours for it to fully set, and you will be amazed at the outcome! Above are photos of the fireplace right before I finished “detailing”, and below are photos the next morning of the fireplace fully dried!

You can find my sweater from Chicwish here!

I am in love with the final outcome, and it has added a new level of design to our family room! Let me know your thoughts below, and if you try this technique be sure to tell me how it goes!

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The Best Designer Bag Dupe!

The Best Designer Bag Dupe!

Hello friends! I am jumping on here to write a quick post on my newest obsession! I am by no means a designer bag girl. I have never owned a designer bag, and I never will. Personally I do not see the value in them, and I would MUCH rather spend that kind of money elsewhere! While I am not a designer bag person, I still love the look of some designer bags! I’ve had my eye on the Louis Vutton onthego bag for a while now, and as I mentioned, I could probably write a list of a million things I would rather spend $2,500 on!! In prepping for my trip to Italy, I wanted to find a tote with a similar style to this bag and I came across the most AMAZING dupe!

This dupe is not a knockoff of the original by any means, but it has many similar design details, and is an Amazon Prime find at $50! I did not have the highest of hopes for the quality, but I was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived. It is incredibly well made, durable, and the perfect size! All in all, I am SO happy with my purchase, and have been using it has my go-to tote bag, weekender bag, and travel bag ever since!

If you order it, let me know if you love it as much as I do! You can shop the dupe here!

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Honeymooner’s Guide To Maui

Honeymooner’s Guide To Maui

Oh Hawaii, you have my heart forever. Joey and I traveled to Maui last year for our honeymoon, and let me just tell you, it has to be one of the most romantic places in the world. There is something about Maui I can’t quite put my finger on, but between the weather, landscape, food, and culture, I cannot think of a better place to honeymoon!

When planning our honeymoon we worked backwards. We first decided on the hotel we wanted to stay at which was the Wailea Beach Resort (can you say amazing infinity pool?!), and then opened up a credit card to gain points! This resort is under Marriott, so we were able to get three free nights with the points we accumulated during wedding planning (score!)

Hat // Hat (similar)

Upon arrival, we were greeted with the most stunning lobby I’ve ever laid eyes on! Basically everything on the resort is outside, including the lobby! We found ourselves spending most of our time hanging around our resort. Between the pools, beaches, grounds, and walking path, there was plenty to do! Every morning we walked along the walking path that passes behind all of the hotels on the strip including Andaz, Grand Wailea, and Four Seasons. The infinity pool at our resort was a daily stop, along with the beach! We saw sea turtles at the beach every single day we were there, they literally swim right past you! While we did enjoy hanging by the pool, beach, and grounds of our resort, we still managed to travel around the island and adventure!

White Swimsuit (similar) // (similar) // (similar)

Adventure 1: Waihe’e Ridge Trail

Wow. It is all I have to say! Now this hiking trail is not for the faint of heart, but if you are feeling adventurous, DO IT! We definitely are not the most experienced hikers, but found this trail to be moderate. I am petrified of helicopters, so we opted not to do a helicopter tour, and on this trail we were eye-level with helicopters conducting tours! How crazy is that?! The views are simply indescribable, and I vividly remember just saying “wow” the entire time hiking because I was speechless! The road getting to the hike was worse than the road to Hana (see screenshot at the bottom of the page), but so incredibly worth it! P.S. If you do go, wear old shoes! The trail is super muddy we had to ditch our sneakers because they got ruined!

Adventure 2: Sunrise at Haleakala

The 2:30AM wake up call is worth it for this! Once again, driving up to Haleakala is quite intimidating (see screenshot at the bottom of the page), but is a MUST! We wanted to make sure we got there far before the sunrise because it is the best place to stargaze. We saw so many shooting stars! I remember looking off into the distance before the sun came up at the “mountains”, when Joey explained the outline in the distance was actually the clouds, not mountains. Are you kidding?! I could not believe we were truly that far above the clouds! If you are picking one thing to do in Maui, this has to be it!

Sherpa // Wifey hat (similar)

Adventure 3: Road to Hana

Now I’m not going to lie, after Waihe’e Ridge and Haleakala, we were slightly underwhelmed with the road to Hana. While it was still incredibly beautiful, it made for a very VERY long day, lots of stops, and not too much time to soak in the beautiful locations. The drive was stunning and we probably made 10 – 12 stops along the way! My favorites include the Garden of Eden, Twin Falls, Keanae Peninsula (the Banana bread here is a MUST!), and Wai’anapanapa State Park!

Adventure 4:

The final adventure we took outside of out resort included exploring various areas and around the island! We spent an evening in Lahaina shopping around and eating, an afternoon at the Lava fields and Makena Beach (Big Beach), and of course spent time traveling restaurants! We opted to stay in Wailea over Ka’anapali or Lahaina because we wanted a more relaxed and laid back environment, but spending an evening walking around Lahaina was a great change of pace! We really enjoyed our time at the Lava fields and the drive to get there was magnificent! Two nights we ate dinner at the resorts on our strip, but our other favorite restaurants were Monkey Pod, Maui Brewing Company, Aloha Wow Wow Lemonade (best acai bowls ever!), and the Pint & Cork!

And for the bonus adventure…I attached screenshots of the roads we took to our hike and Haleakala! Both of these roads were up windy hills with no guard rails, and I was terrified! Like I said before, if you can do these roads you can DEFINITELY do the road to Hana!

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