For The Trendy Girl

Chick-Fil-A Corded Crew – I mean is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!
Dip Well Nail Kit – For the girl who loves doing her own nails!
Gold Hoops – These gold style hoops are all the rage right now, and the size and quality of these are perfect!
Booty By Brabants Workout Set – If you are not familiar with this brand you NEED to be! The leggings are absolutely incredible, and all I ever wear to workout anymore! They come in dozens of different colors and styles!
Coffee Over Cardio – So many fun and yummy flavors!
Hair Waver – These hair wavers are all the rage right now! This is the exact one I have, and I absolutely love it!

LOCA GIFTING: Head over to your local gym or class studio and purchase a class pack! Some popular class pack gifts include Cyclebar, OrangeTheory, and Pure Barre.
Local Spotlight: Peter Mollo Fitness

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