Mantel Styling Tips

Hi loves! Today I am sharing some of my favorite styling tips for your mantel! I just recently decorated my mantel for fall, and I figured it would be the perfect time to share some of my tips.

Focal Piece

Whether I am decorating for a season, or just decorating in general, I always like to have a focal piece on my mantel. During non-seasonal months I have a mirror as my focal point, but during seasonal months I have a large sign (of course!). Your focal point can either be one larger piece, or a set of pieces! I personally love the look of layered focal pieces whether it is mix-matched mirrors, photo frames, or more!


On either side of your focal piece, you will want to have two bookends. I personally like when my bookends match, but again they do not have to! If you are mix-matching your bookends, try to keep them around the same height and depth. I also like to add some filler decor between my bookends and focal piece. These can be smaller pieces of decor, or even a garland like I have in my fall mantel!

Sets of Three

Lastly, I like to stick to the set of three rule. This means that if I am grouping pieces of decor together, I generally like to have three pieces in a group. For instance if I decided to do a set of pieces for my focal point, I would likely group them in a set of three with varying heights.

Let me know if these tips help and if you use any of the tips to re-design your mantel!

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