Peel & Stick Wallpaper Tips!

Hello friends! We finally put up our peel and stick wallpaper yesterday and I am so in love with the finished result! The exact wallpaper I picked out can be found here, and my full round up of favorite wallpapers I was deciding between can be found here!

If I’m being honest, the process of putting the wallpaper up was a bit stressful and more difficult than I anticipated. The specific wallpaper I bought did not come with the best instructions, so we just took it upon ourselves to figure out the best approach! Our specific wallpaper is patterned and came in 4 separate vertical panels, so lining up the panels exactly to match the pattern on the wall presented a bit of a challenge! I will leave my top tips below that helped us during the process!

Tip #1 – Ensure the top of your wallpaper is level

This is the MOST important tip I have for installing your peel and stick wallpaper. We definitely ran into some issues because our panels were not perfectly level at the top of our wall. If the top of the panel is not level, as you continue to peel and stick the wallpaper down the wall it will ever so slightly veer diagonally. This will result in creasing, and will also make it more difficult to line up the pattern for the next panels.

Tip #2 – Squeegee

To prevent and erase any bubbles use a squeegee to really press the paper down as you peel it. It definitely helps to have two people working on each panel. As one person peels and sticks the paper down, the other person runs the squeegee over the paper to evenly press through any bubbles!

Tip #3 – Pattern Alignment

The hardest part for us when putting the wallpaper up was aligning the pattern for each panel. Similar to the squeegee, it is helpful if one person focuses on peeling and sticking the wallpaper and the other person focuses on aligning the pattern. Since our panels were not perfectly level (tip #1), it was nearly impossible to get the pattern to line up exactly. I intentionally creased some areas of the wallpaper if the pattern was not lining up as we continued peeling down the panel. While we were applying the wallpaper I thought it was not matching up great and there were quite a few creases, but to my surprise when I stepped back you could not see any imperfections!

Although applying the patterned wallpaper was a bit tricky, I highly recommend a busy pattern because it camouflages any imperfections, and the pattern really does blend together even if it is not lined up perfectly!

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