Mask up, but make it cute!

Hello friends! Long time no chat! I have been away from the blog a bit working on all things Details and Swirls, but I am back and ready to share so many topics with you all! Unfortunately as we all know our world is looking quite different these days. Leaving the house without a face mask is as bad as leaving the house without our wallet. We need a face mask essentially everywhere we go, and I feel like this is going to become our new normal for the foreseeable future. I’m not sure about you all, but I am determined to find some “cute” face mask to wear! There is nothing worse than putting on a cute outfit, and then putting your face mask on and the whole outfit is ruined, anyone else feel the same way? Or is this just my OCD kicking in? Well in any case, I set out to find some cute face masks that will have me feeling put together and matching throughout this time! ***Please note, these are not medical grade face masks and we are not making any medical or health claims with our suggestions***

  1. Gold Lip Face Mask
  2. Face Mask Chain – How cute are these chains to adhere your face mask?! I love this idea because when you need to take your mask off you can just wear it around your neck by the chain!
  3. Chain Option 2
  4. Chain Option 3
  5. Pink Ruffle Face Mask – just ordered this one! Also comes in white and a beautiful dusty blue!
  6. Pink Heart Face Mask – If face masks are still a thing around Valentine’s Day, which I am sure they will be, I absolutely need this one!
  7. Pink/Teal Beaded Heart Face Mask – How precious are these with the beads?! Set of 2
  8. Old Navy Adjustable Face Masks – I am ordering a bunch of these to keep in my bag, car, gym bag, etc.! These are the perfect adjustable face masks and come in so many adorable prints! From tie dye to animal print and everything in between! Set of 5

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