Honeymooner’s Guide To Maui

Oh Hawaii, you have my heart forever. Joey and I traveled to Maui last year for our honeymoon, and let me just tell you, it has to be one of the most romantic places in the world. There is something about Maui I can’t quite put my finger on, but between the weather, landscape, food, and culture, I cannot think of a better place to honeymoon!

When planning our honeymoon we worked backwards. We first decided on the hotel we wanted to stay at which was the Wailea Beach Resort (can you say amazing infinity pool?!), and then opened up a credit card to gain points! This resort is under Marriott, so we were able to get three free nights with the points we accumulated during wedding planning (score!)

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Upon arrival, we were greeted with the most stunning lobby I’ve ever laid eyes on! Basically everything on the resort is outside, including the lobby! We found ourselves spending most of our time hanging around our resort. Between the pools, beaches, grounds, and walking path, there was plenty to do! Every morning we walked along the walking path that passes behind all of the hotels on the strip including Andaz, Grand Wailea, and Four Seasons. The infinity pool at our resort was a daily stop, along with the beach! We saw sea turtles at the beach every single day we were there, they literally swim right past you! While we did enjoy hanging by the pool, beach, and grounds of our resort, we still managed to travel around the island and adventure!

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Adventure 1: Waihe’e Ridge Trail

Wow. It is all I have to say! Now this hiking trail is not for the faint of heart, but if you are feeling adventurous, DO IT! We definitely are not the most experienced hikers, but found this trail to be moderate. I am petrified of helicopters, so we opted not to do a helicopter tour, and on this trail we were eye-level with helicopters conducting tours! How crazy is that?! The views are simply indescribable, and I vividly remember just saying “wow” the entire time hiking because I was speechless! The road getting to the hike was worse than the road to Hana (see screenshot at the bottom of the page), but so incredibly worth it! P.S. If you do go, wear old shoes! The trail is super muddy we had to ditch our sneakers because they got ruined!

Adventure 2: Sunrise at Haleakala

The 2:30AM wake up call is worth it for this! Once again, driving up to Haleakala is quite intimidating (see screenshot at the bottom of the page), but is a MUST! We wanted to make sure we got there far before the sunrise because it is the best place to stargaze. We saw so many shooting stars! I remember looking off into the distance before the sun came up at the “mountains”, when Joey explained the outline in the distance was actually the clouds, not mountains. Are you kidding?! I could not believe we were truly that far above the clouds! If you are picking one thing to do in Maui, this has to be it!

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Adventure 3: Road to Hana

Now I’m not going to lie, after Waihe’e Ridge and Haleakala, we were slightly underwhelmed with the road to Hana. While it was still incredibly beautiful, it made for a very VERY long day, lots of stops, and not too much time to soak in the beautiful locations. The drive was stunning and we probably made 10 – 12 stops along the way! My favorites include the Garden of Eden, Twin Falls, Keanae Peninsula (the Banana bread here is a MUST!), and Wai’anapanapa State Park!

Adventure 4:

The final adventure we took outside of out resort included exploring various areas and around the island! We spent an evening in Lahaina shopping around and eating, an afternoon at the Lava fields and Makena Beach (Big Beach), and of course spent time traveling restaurants! We opted to stay in Wailea over Ka’anapali or Lahaina because we wanted a more relaxed and laid back environment, but spending an evening walking around Lahaina was a great change of pace! We really enjoyed our time at the Lava fields and the drive to get there was magnificent! Two nights we ate dinner at the resorts on our strip, but our other favorite restaurants were Monkey Pod, Maui Brewing Company, Aloha Wow Wow Lemonade (best acai bowls ever!), and the Pint & Cork!

And for the bonus adventure…I attached screenshots of the roads we took to our hike and Haleakala! Both of these roads were up windy hills with no guard rails, and I was terrified! Like I said before, if you can do these roads you can DEFINITELY do the road to Hana!

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