Mudroom Makeover

From the moment I stepped foot in our breezeway, I knew I wanted to create a beautiful entryway space! The neon yellow of the walls did not blind my vision, and I could not wait to start creating! As I began brainstorming ideas for the space, I originally thought I wanted an entryway tree bench. If you do not know what these are, they are basically benches with a back panel attachment equipped with shelves and hooks on top. The more I looked at these pieces, the more I felt they were too small for the space. I really wanted something that would extend the entire length of the 6 foot wall, and I just could not find anything I liked!

So what to do when you cannot find anything you like? Design it yourself! Once I realized I could create my own entryway design, the options became endless! I started searching for the perfect benches, hooks, shelves, and calligraphy laser cut letters of course! I am so happy with the outcome, and even happier I get to see this space every day when I walk into our home!

Before we began any design details, we needed to PAINT! I am not sure why the breezeway was painted a neon yellow, but we painted over with Benjamin Moore’s Shoreline. This color brightened up the space (which is odd, because you would think it could not get brighter than neon yellow!) and neutralized the whole room. I would be lying if I said the panels were easy to paint, but it actually took us HOURS to get in all of the small crevices!

After the space was clean and painted, it was time to finalize design! I ordered this bench which I was SO excited about! I wanted something that fix my style, but also hid shoe storage, and this piece did both! Unfortunately it too THREE tries for this piece to get delivered in one piece, but you know what they say, third time’s the charm!

Next, I took to Etsy to find the rest of the details for my design! I had been eying these letters for the longest time! I knew I wanted something other than “welcome” and this phrase and mix of script and print felt perfect!

This Etsy shop is awesome because they let you preview the letters in all of their different text options! I chose their script “Betterfly”

Time to find hooks! This part was fairly easy, and a quick Etsy search led me to the perfect black hooks! I needed 10 (one for every panel) and this pack of 10 seemed like it was made to be!

Finally, I took to Etsy one last time to search for the perfect floating shelf. I needed one that was 6 feet long, and I wanted it stained black to match the bench details, letters, and hooks. These specific requirements led me to find this shelf! I did have to custom order my size, but I cannot say enough good things about this shop! The shelf is beautiful, and was SO easy to put together, it seriously took 60 seconds.

So what do you all think of the finished result?! I am beyond happy with how the design turned out, and I cannot wait to start decorating this space for the upcoming seasons!

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